Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Living room looking to the right --see the white broom closet? That's an upgrade. Without it you don't have anywhere to put your broom and vacuum.

Living room looking to the left -- overhead lighting is an upgrade and the fan is especially nice to have in the summer months.

Living room looking towards the door -- the square tile is slate.
Living room looking at door -- to the right is the hall closet that leads to the dining area and kitchen.

Kitchen looking right -- note that the kitchen was redesigned so that the dishwasher could be placed next to the sink without losing storage. Many units have dishwashers on the opposite side of the counter, so you have to walk around to put your dishes in. This design also allows you to extend your dining room set as full as it gets without running into countertop.

Kitchen looking left -- the green is a bit lighter in person -- notice the shelf for a microwave and a little shelf above for decorations. Great storage solutions in this unit!

Looking out towards dining area into the patio -- hall leads to living room -- all dining areas have overhead lighting but the fan is an upgrade.

Half bath between living room and near kitchen -- see the refrigerator? Half bath was remodeled with slate tile.

Looking at kitchen from the half bath. Note that the gas stove and refrigerator are the new V.G. models so still covered under V.G. maintenance. Sink and countertops are upgraded. The faucet detaches and can be used as a sprayer. There is also an added light above the sink and a fan (see the metal thing up on the ceiling -- that's the fan).
Half bathroom -- Really nice slate tile and just look at the beautiful mirror. Everything in the unit is high quality.

Door to the backroom -- this room is at basement level

Looking into the backroom -- STORAGE -- some of it was used to store my mom's MILLIONS of kitchen things, as you can see. :)

Back room looking to the left -- what can I say? My mom went from living in a home for 40 years to this... she's a genius at storage.. just look at all the stuff she was able to store here. You may not be able to tell, but there are built in shelves on the left in the back that will stay.

Back room looking towards the hall that leads towards the door -- you can't really see the hall but it's behind that book shelf. Washer and dryer stay and you can even keep the deep freezer. We will also replace the carpet before you get here, if you pay asking price. It cannot cover the entire floor, as there is a drain right by the white freezer you see in this picture.

Going upstairs now!!

Upstairs bathroom shower -- NO MOLD stains -- ALL WHITE -- this is really rare in V.G. :)

Upgraded floor -- this is not tile, but a nice linoleum and looks a lot like tile. The vanity, sink, and mirrored cabinet are upgrades as.

Looking out into hall from the bathroom. Directly to your right is the master and farther down is the second bedroom.

Master bedroom looking in towards the window

Master bedroom looking to the left -- this is a HUGE closet

Master bedroom looking towards the door.

FANTASTIC huge closet with an upgraded storage system. See the missing knob? We swear it is somewhere, but if not, we do have handles that we can put on instead of two knobs -- my mom preferred knobs for whatever reason.

Master bedroom looking in the corner -- see the little square on the bottom? Every V.G. unit has one of those next to the bathroom tub. It is used to get to the water pipes. You may not paint it shut or they will tear it open. We painted it correctly. Oh and note the overhead lighting... every room in our town home has it. This is an upgrade. This particular fan is in the master, living room, and dining room.
Looking into the hall from master -- my mom built this little cabinet and it can stay. It is bolted in the wall -- so if you offer less than asking price I really WANT it to stay. :) Otherwise, we will take it out and repaint where the bolts were. On the left you can store brooms or what not, because it is a hinged door that opens up. If you open the doors of the cabinet and there were nothing in them, then you would see the wall. There's a switch back there for this AMAZING ceiling fan that is right at the top of the stairs. It sucks up all the cool air to the upstairs in an instant. Not all V.G. units have them, but those that do are very lucky. The fan is, however, extremely LOUD! :) If you are in construction and have an idea of what I'm talking about, then please let me know and I'll add the exact word for that type of fan.

Second bedroom looking towards the window. I'm not sure on the size. Sharon in the office might be able to tell you dimensions.

Second bedroom looking towards closet. The CLOSET is HUGE -- best part of the room. Note the fan -- it's an older style, but still an upgrade. Many units don't have overhead lighting in the rooms or living room.

Second bedroom looking out towards hall. The white door you see is a linen closet. My mom upgraded the shelves by making them longer.
Second bedroom closet. HUGE walk-in!!Could use a fresh coat of paint.

Second bedroom looking towards window -- sorry about the missing light bulb, lol. :) No one is actually in this room as you can tell.

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